The Skull Throne (The Demon Cycle, Book 4)

The Skull Throne (The Demon Cycle, Book 4)

By Peter V. Brett

  • Release Date : 2015-04-07
  • Genre : Epic
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Score: 4.5
From 140 Ratings
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The Skull Throne (The Demon Cycle, Book 4) In the grand tradition of George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, Sunday Times bestselling author Peter V. Brett continues his critically acclaimed Demon Cycle with the next dramatic instalment: THE SKULL THRONE.

Without a Deliverer, are mankind strong enough to unite against the demons who are almost prepared for the final battle?


Praise for The Demon Cycle:

‘Peter V. Brett is one of my favourite new authors’ Patrick Rothfuss

‘I enjoyed THE PAINTED MAN immensely. There is much to admire in Peter Brett’s writing, and his concept is brilliant. There’s action and suspense all the way.’ Terry Brooks

‘THE PAINTED MAN works not only as a great adventure novel but also as a reflection on the nature of heroism.’ Charlaine Harris

‘[Peter V. Brett is] at the top of his game. I give this my highest recommendation.’

‘[Brett] confirms his place among epic fantasy’s pantheon of greats amid the likes of George R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson, and Robert Jordan.’ Fantasy Book Critic

‘The most significant and cinematic fantasy epic since THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Inspired, compelling, and totally addictive!’ Director Paul W. S. Anderson

About the author

Raised on a steady diet of fantasy novels, comic books, and Dungeons & Dragons, Peter V. Brett has been writing fantasy stories for as long as he can remember. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Art History from the University at Buffalo in 1995, and then spent over a decade in pharmaceutical publishing before returning to his bliss. He lives in New York.


  • Good read

    By DCrok79
    Like most long series in this genre, there is always a book that has to build the background with lesser characters… although i enjoyed this immensely. Definitely worth a read. Bring on the next book!
  • Dragging it out

    By B&B
    I loved the first couple of books in this series but it now feels like the author is dragging things out to sell more books. It's beginning to feel like the Lost TV series.. Hopefully the next book will get back to Arlen and wrap things up.
  • Amazing!

    By x D x
    As with all the previous books, this one was a great read. The story was more twisted and perhaps not as pleasing from a character and plot perspective as the previous three, but it was still worth every penny. This book belongs to one of the most gripping fantasy books out there.
  • What a ride.....

    By RBlayney
    This has been a great continuation of the story set in a world of demons and men. It not only continues the fast paced story but expands its universe with detailed backgrounds for new characters as well as reviving old ones. I was almost shocked by the twists and turns and certainly not expecting most of them. Really looking forward to the next (and concluding?) book, let's hope it's not as long in coming as this has been .....
  • Poor

    By Sussexfan
    The first two books were very good and I finished them both in no time. But it has gone sharply down hill from there. The character development has pretty much stopped, with characters just repeating the same actions from the preceding books with pretty much the same motivations. I have become sick to death of certain characters and have to restrain myself from just skipping their chapters. Elona and Leesha come to mind. The character of Rojer however is still pretty strong and Inevra (who I thought was one of the strongest characters in the other books) is still good. I can't see myself buying the next book. Also certain phrases "duchess mum" in particular are so cringeworthy that they almost ruin the scenes. This book and the one before just seem rushed, poorly edited and released just to grab some cash. Hope Brett can improve with the next one as I do enjoy his books when they're on top form.
  • Disappointment

    By LeonBlack
    Waited so long for this to come out, expected it to be on par with the other books in the series. Instead it went on and on with minor characters and backgrounds that seem to have no relevance on the story line. Seems the Author got lost somewhere and needed to get the book out, so wrote a load of rubbish. Disappointed to say the least. Wasted money.
  • An OK read

    By Nobiobo
    What a shame; it just doesn't live up to the other three books. To be honest it felt like it was setting the scene for the fifth (and final) book. Too many new characters for my liking and endless dialogue of political and family hierarchy that had me lost at times. If the next book is the last In the cycle, I fail to see how it could all come together and give us a worthy ending- leading me to question how many more books are to follow!
  • Lots of twists

    By Steve in Kingswood
    Wow great next step in the series, new characters and angles ... Great read.
  • Decent

    By Wapakalypse
    It was an alright book, another that empowers the female characters. A familiar pattern in modern epic fantasies. It is what it's titled, the skull throne. The battle for it and such. I am disappointed mainly due to my imagination running wild with where this book could have gone. Instead it feared to travel to exciting heights and was slightly mundane in its build up to its ending. I like Arlen coming from nothing and fighting against a foe that strikes fear into the hearts of all else. His tasks weren't as awesome as I thought they could have got, bit of an easy ride for him. Anyway rambling on, peter don't keep dragging this out make it all happen while it's still fun for everams sake.
  • The tricky 4th book

    By will_wiggle
    Not really in the same league as the first three. This has all the hallmarks of the author settling in for the long haul and deciding that some ancillary characters require a bit of page time. There are endless pages of dialogue establishing numerous different threads and story arcs. There's probably another three books started in the first half of this book with supporting characters taking centre stage. There is no sense that this is going to come together any time soon and we appear to be in for a Game of Thrones length saga that will keep the author in royalties for some time to come. Its just a bit disappointing. Whoever is editing this seems to have lost control of the author - the endless hierarchy's and political machinations that the author seems obsessed with outlining and analysing in endless dialogue, are just not very tight and in any event tend to get settled with a bit of deus ex machina magic that brings a chapter or segment to an end whenever the author gets bored of writing another 12 pages of dialogue with more 'ting than zing. Add to this the seemingly clumsy realisation by the author that you have a largely secular insurgency making trouble for an occupying fundamentalist clerical hegemony; and, look you have a bit of political commentary that "forces" us to look at current geopolitics in a different way - yawn. So, not quite given up as there is evidence that the tight writing style and great action that characterised the first three books has not completely deserted the author but needs to go back to his knitting. Please do not make this your life's work there must be another new book in you somewhere...