My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #8

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #8

By Heather Nuhfer, Amy Mebberson & Stephanie Buscema

  • Release Date : 2013-06-13
  • Genre : Graphic Novels
  • FIle Size : 35.59 MB
Score: 5
From 20 Ratings
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #8 The awesome ending to My Little Pony’s epic 2nd story arc! The Nightmare forces of the moon descend down on Ponyville! Princess Celestia will try her best to stop the dark forces, but she may be overwhelmed! It’ll be up to our favorite ponies to stop the new Nightmare Moon!


  • Perfect!

    By FoxWithaMic
    I am reviewing the comic as a whole not just this issue, so I'll try and keep spoilers to a minimum. This comic series is perfect! Maybe not so much the return of Cryisalis as much but the Nightmare Rarity ark was amazing! The dialog is wonderfully written, the art style is perfect for the show, and the story is amazing! At times it gets a little dark compared to the show but that's one of the things that does make it amazing, these comics seem to me to be geared much more towards the bronies then the younger viewers of the show. I'm venturing into story territory now so, spoilers ahoy! This story arc that I think branches from issue 5 onwards (don't quote me on that) tells the story of Rarity being taken over by the same force that took over Luna turning her into Nightmare Moon. That really is as basic as I can get without giving too much away. Now then let me tell you why I really love this comic. It's mainly to do with the story, and the art. The story gets really dark at times, not too much that it would loose younger viewers but when they travel to a realm called the nightmare dreamscape it looked exactly as I imagined a place called the nightmare dreamscape to look! Another plus point is how the portrayed Spike the Dragon. In the main show whenever Spike gets his own episode, especially in Just for Sidekicks, he comes across as being very unpleasant, but not here. He is shown as being truly heroic and in may ways, he makes this story. Showing that he may be young, by dragon standards, but he has a good heart. A slight issue I took with the story of the previous story arc was mainly in the fact that the mane 6 were way to quick to anger and snap at each other, not in this. Their characters are fleshed out much much better in this story. And finally, the in-jokes. I will throw my hands up and fully admit to having many nerd out moments in this comic. Especially anything to do with Doctor Whooves. He has no dialog but he makes many cameos along with his past forms! I think I saw the 10th doctor around 5 times in this comic, maybe more! But each time I saw him he was with another doctor! For example the 4th and 11th! Aside from that there are many more cameos! In total, this story arc is well worth a read for any fan of the show! Five stars!