The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

By The World English Bible (WEB)

  • Release Date : 2011-11-01
  • Genre : Bibles
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The Holy Bible The Holy Bible was inspired by God, who had His servants speak, write, and preserve His word.  
The Bible is the best-selling book in history in the World.  

The Holy Bible is God's written word to mankind. It has been written over thousands of years by many people under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and miraculously preserved until today. There are many ancient documents, but those in the Holy Bible are of great importance to Jews and Christians, because they explain the way to fellowship with God and the way to live.

The Holy Bible is a collection of books. These are arranged in the Old Testament (before Jesus Christ) and New Testament. 

The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible. That means that you may freely copy it in any form, including electronic and print formats. 


  • The Bible

    By Eeg49
    I really enjoyed reading the Bible from one cover to the other. I can understand why it's so important to keep reading it.
  • Fantastic book always gets a star!

    By Bobbles123456789
    Something amazing is between these pages, read to hear gods words.
  • Not easy to navigate

    By dana_PAT
    It is NOT NOT NOT NOT easy to navigate, despite what the rubric says
  • Love it

    By nicknamenottakenidontgiveashit
    Teaches you a lot! Someone forgot to put this on the fiction section? No, don't be so disrespectful. You have your beliefs, but you can just go do something else with your life that GOD gave you, okay?
  • Funny

    By Baldwin471
    Funny how the bible (fiction) has to be paid for, but knowledge (science-darwinian theory of evolution and other works) are free.
  • One day you will know.

    By Fishamansshipmate
    I find it very sad to see insulting reviews on the bible maybe before you waste time writing your review use that time to find out why you are you, this may mess with your head for a bit but you will find there is more to this universe than what you can feel with your hands or see with your eyes. Kind Regard M.
  • Very interesting

    By Jesus + Ben
    The Holy Bible is very interesting and The Best Book ever
  • Boring

    By Woody2132
    Got to page 120 and can't go on anymore. 1 this is the most boring book I have ever read and I've read some naff in my time! 2nd how to people think this is all real? Some people are backwards I suppose. All I can say is the proof of evolution is in our DNA...
  • Amazing

    By Simolilly
    Wow a lot of people don't know the way and the truth of Christ. Sad indeed that so many will perish. Jesus is lord!!!!!
  • Brilliant

    By Bloodworth1975
    This story of an insane man who thinks that he is the ruler of humanity is great. Read as he causes pain to his people just because they think he's not real. But the best bit was the second half of the book. Where Mary must lie to her husband because she aphid that affair with that black guy and says that she was seen by a angel and this baby is the son of god. Then her lie go's so far that the king now wants to kill this baby. Then read how her baby is very confused and it actually believes its the son of god! This book is simplely brilliant. GET IT NOW.