The Qur'an (Quran, Koran, Al-Qur'an)

The Qur'an (Quran, Koran, Al-Qur'an)

By Marmaduke William Pickthall (Translator)

  • Release Date : 2010-11-05
  • Genre : Islam
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The Qur'an (Quran, Koran, Al-Qur'an) The Qur’an (al-qur’an, literally “the recitation”; also sometimes transliterated as Quran, Qur’an, Koran, Alcoran or Al-Qur’an) is the central religious text of Islam. Muslims believe the Qur’an to be the book of divine guidance and direction for mankind, and consider the original Arabic text to be the final revelation of God.
Islam holds that the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad by the angel Jibril (Gabriel) from 610 CE to his death in 632 CE. The Qur’an was written down by Muhammad's companions while he was alive, although the prime method of transmission was oral. In 633 CE, the written text was compiled, and in 653 CE it was standardized, distributed in the Islamic empire and produced in large numbers. The present form of the Qur’an is regarded as God's revelation to Muhammad by Muslim believers. Academic scholars often consider it the original version authored or dictated by Muhammad. Muslim tradition agrees that it was fixed in writing shortly after Muhammad's death by order of Umar and Abu Bakr.
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  • Easy to read

    By equitydealer
    Nice simple to read ebook version. Only suggestion for improvement would be to have the Arabic text.
  • I prefer another story

    By sapnin
    I tried to get into this but I really couldn't, I prefer another story, the one where that skeleton man goes through a magic tree into a snowy land. Jack I think his name is. Nightmare before Christmas! Ah that's it's name! What a story, I love a good ending.
  • Nonsense....

    By Mo mo the mad!
    Collection of mad ramblings from a bitter and bored military leader, saw how "Jesus" united the masses against the established order and conned the unintelligent into a savage and barbaric demonology
  • Religion?

    By Travellingbirder
    Religion is largely an accident of birth and the result of childhood brainwashing. If you were born on one island in the Philippines you are a Catholic, born on another island then you are a Muslim. With the exception of Buddhism (which is arguably a philosophy not a religion) all religions are poison. The Qur’an has been used to justify the deaths of countless thousands, so has The Bible and Christianity. All in the name of “God”. There is no place in human society for the “I’m right - you’re wrong” thinking that has persisted from before the Crusades to the rise of ISIL. I wonder what Mohammed would think of the present conflict between Shiites and Sunnis. I guess Allah had something else in mind. This book will not help you understand anything.
  • People with imaginary friends Are idiots

    By gary horrocks
    People with imaginary friends Are idiots
  • Truly amazing

    By Fouad121
    I had this as a hard copy as a kid it's now on iBook! To those leaving behind the hateful comments it doesn't matter how hard you try this book is the most memorised book in history :-)
  • Very knowledgable

    By ShAwTy**
    I loved this book. Gives you an understanding about what Islam is about. It's a pity that some of the reviewers on here are uneducated fools, no wonder the world is in trouble. Walk up you idiots and actually LEARN something.
  • Wrong

    By Jono & Roy
    Wrong just wrong
  • Bismillah

    By Khan420
    There are different types of people in society, some whom may not commit crimes because they fear the consequences ie prison, torture, electric chair and so on. There are also some people who may not commit crimes because they believe that if they do bad, bad will happen to them and if the do good they will be rewarded ie promotion, medal, or even just to impress others, there are some people however who stay we'll away from crime and evil doing because of sincerity, for love and so on, and as no body knows our nature more than the one who created us, and he is the knower of everything the most wise. He knows and addresses us according to our different natures and if someone stops committing crimes because they know the law in a country for killing is death penalty do we criticise the country for having laws that scare people?
  • Close minded people

    By Righteous144
    You do get people very often that enjoy offending others, I saw comments that were made out of hatred it didn't seem like it was a feedback.. Very close minded classify your selfs as followers to the media because media is your religion! The Qur'an comprehends the complete code for the Muslims to live a good, chaste, abundant and rewarding life in obedience to the commandments of Allah, in this life and to gain salvation in the next. It is the "chart of life" for every Muslim, and it is the "constitution" of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.